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Athletics - West

Cross Country 2019

May 7th, 2019
4:30 - 6:15 PM

Order of Starts: 1) Senior  2) Junior 3) Tyke

PDFCross Country

Cross Country Routes

​Division​School​Student Name​Time/year
​Sr. Boys (3.2km)​St. Joseph Catholic School​Jack Dever​11:36 (2019)
​Sr. Boys  (3.2km)​St. Paul Secondary​Malachy Howell​11:44 (2019)
​Sr. Boys​St. Michael Catholic School​Nicholas Rodgers​12:01 (2019)
​Sr. Girls (3.2km)​St. Joseph Catholic School​Leah McGillen​11:47.21 (2019)
​Sr. Girls (3.2km)​St. Michael Catholic School​Hailey Hancock​12:54.17 (2019)
​Sr. Girls (3.2km)​Georges Vanier Catholic School​Olivia Tracze​13:15.16 (2019)
​Jr. Boys (2.5km)​St. Joseph Catholic School​Alek Asimis​9:43 (2019)
​Jr. Boys (2.5km)​St. Joseph Catholic School​Jack Shortt​9:58 (2019)
​Jr. Boys (2.5km)​St. Mary Catholic School (Read)​Owen Rivers​10:06 (2019)
​Jr. Girls (2.5km)​St. Joseph Catholic School​Anabella Cowling-Zeljkovic​10:23 (2019)
​Jr. Girls (2.5km)​St. Michael Catholic School​Emry Fisher​10:29 (2019)
​Jr. Girls (2.5km)St. Joseph Catholic School​Sophia Saville​10:30 (2019)
​Tyke Boys (1.7km)​St. Joseph Catholic School​Jed Luffnen-McMullen​5:32 (2019)
​Tyke Boys (1.7km)​St. Michael Catholic School​Luke Milne​5:39 (2019)
​Tyke Boys (1.7km)​St. Michael Catholic School​Connor Saggriff​5:41 (2019)
​Tyke Girls (1.7km)​St. Michael Catholic School​Whitney Milne​5:46 (2019)
​Tyke Girls (1.7km)​St. Mary Catholic School (Read)​Keira Freeman​6:23 (2019)
​Tyke Girls (1.7km)​St. Mary Catholic School (Read)​Hannah Walsh​6:30 (2019)

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